Products of the company

The company manufactures and delivers to the market cabling and wiring products, lighting engineering and low-voltage equipment under «TDM ÅLECTRIC» trade mark. Electrotechnical products of «TDM ÅLECTRIC» trade mark imply an observance of the quality standards at all stages: from preparation of raw material to delivery of finished goods. Factories and industrial platforms where products of «TDM ÅLECTRIC» trade mark manufactured are all certified by standards of ISO9000 system. Line of turnout products grows constantly; by the beginning of 2008 it had counted 2000 items, within the coming years it will be increased up to 12 thousand items.

All of newly designed products are tested. When tested their characteristics are thoroughly traced. If needed we make changes to a design of products. In result — we bring the qualitative and flawless product to the market. All of the «TDM ÅLECTRIC» devices are delivered in packing of the unique corporate style, supplied along with a bar code and the necessary technical documentation.

Cabling and wiring products

The manufacturing of «TDM ÅLECTRIC» wire and cables is carried out at strict observance of technological process. We use high quality copper, without additives and with low ohmic resistance. In time of drawing process a stability of diameter of a vein is supervised strongly. It provides guaranteed current-carrying ability of a wire and its long-term operational time. Obligatory annealing of wire returns its initial flexibility.

In the manufacture of a multicore wire we guarantee exact quantity of drawings and a stable lay of twist joint. Observance of these parameters provides endurance of a wire on a bend and its long-term service life.

Quality of cable and wire isolation directly depends on used plastic compound and technology. In the manufacture of «TDM ÅLECTRIC» cable and wire the state-of-the-art process equipment and plastic compound from reliable Russian and world manufacturers are put to use. Talc is necessarily used in the process of the manufacturing of a multicore wire on NECM industrial platforms. Our wire is always well-isolated and protected from mechanical damages. It is easy to remove wire isolation at installation.

All of hanks and reels have a bar code. It makes possible to put into practice the automated accounting system for cable and wire. Packing of hanks is provided with the additional information.

Light engineering equipment

Under «TDM ÅLECTRIC» trade mark manufactured the following products:

  • Lighting fixtures of «ÍĪÁ» series,
  • Lighting fixtures of «ËŅĪ», «ËĪÁ» series, designed for the industrial enterprises, housing-and-municipal sector, and individual use;
  • halogen projectors for illumination of squares, facades of buildings, architectural monuments, publicity boards, parking places, building sites and other open areas;
  • linear halogen lamps projectors with movement sensing elements for illumination of entrances, terraces, an entrance gate;
  • portable projector equipped with linear halogen lamps for illumination of show-windows, temporary expositions, facades of buildings, garages and building sites.

Development and manufacture of lighting fixtures and projectors is carried out under the supervision of experts of the company at industrial platforms in the People’s Republic of China. Multilevel monitoring system in time of the manufacturing is supplemented with the selective control provided by the certified European laboratory.

«TDM ÅLECTRIC» light engineering products are supplied in the company packing with a bar code and the necessary technical documentation.

Low-voltage equipment

Company manufactures a wide range of the electrotechnical equipment.

Expansion of products line is carried out in view of opinions of the end users. Their comments were collected at specialized exhibitions, seminars and conferences. Relying on consumers opinions, the company has generated a line of the low-voltage equipment and electrical installation facilities for 2008:

  • Differential automatic devices «ĀÂÄT63»;
  • Automatic switches «ÂĀ88»;
  • Impulse surge voltage suppressing devices of «ÎĪŅ1» series;
  • Electric contactors;
  • Tips;
  • Straps;
  • Brackets;
  • Sockets;
  • Relay switches;
  • Cable markers and many other things.


We are ready to cooperate with companies professionally engaged in manufacture and promotion of electrotechnical products in regions of Russia and the CIS.


Electric boards cases

There is a great variety of metal cases produced under the «TDM ÅLECTRIC» trade mark (more than 100 types) for different areas of applications: the industry, infrastructure, construction, power industry and others.

The whole line of them is divided into some groups of products:

  • Distributive cases
  • Registration - distributive cases
  • Boards with the assembly panel
  • Floor-mounted cases
  • Floor devices

The present day hi-tech equipment with CNC (computer numerical control) involved in the process of the manufacturing provides ideal geometry of the cases and high-quality covering on a basis of texturize polyether powder. Company uses only the certificated Russian steel (GOST) and multilevel system of Quality Control Department. It allows manufacturing of the high quality products. We are able to grant our clients 5-year guarantee on metal cases!